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Sentinel Dual Low Power

1 - 3 kVA


The Sentinel Dual is an extremely powerful online double conversion UPS system

The Sentinel Dual is a series of extremely powerful online double conversion UPS systems designed to power a wide range of critical loads such as servers, hard disk storage, telephone systems – VoIP, networks and medical and industrial applications. It is ideal for powering and protecting blade server systems that have high power factor power supplies. The height of only 2U makes the Sentinel Dual perfect for installation in 19″ cabinets. You will appreciate the modern and functional design and their high performance, which are the result of continuous technological development of the Riello UPS development department. The inverter is certainly one of the best current transformer systems available on the market, with an output power factor of 0.9 and an efficiency of 92% in online mode. For operating processes that require a long bridging time, the autonomy can be increased to many hours by using ER models that have a more powerful battery charger. Deep discharge protection prevents premature aging of the batteries. To optimize energy savings, Riello UPS has introduced a power off switch on the Sentinel Dual series that reduces energy consumption to zero during periods of inactivity.

Technical Data

1.0 - 3.0 kVA


Further information and data can be found in our flyers and data sheets.

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