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RUSIC® Ultimate

Convenient Central Battery System


  • Expandable system –modular configuration from the smallest to the largest systems
  • Compact and modular system for use within an individual fire zone or across several fire zones
  • The cost and complexity of installation due to the required fire resistance can be drastically reduced, since individual modules are installed in different fire zones
  • Communication with the central building control system via various integrated protocols (Modbus, KNX, etc.)
  • Portable display and control panel – comfortable remote monitoring and handling
  • The portable control panel can be used for maintenance at the central unit or for monitoring, e.g. in the maintenance office
  • Remote maintenance or configuration via local network or internet possible
  • Extendable with dynamic components
  • Many other options possible

Locations and Applications

  • Health Care
  • Office and Residential Buildings
  • Hotels and Accommodations
  • Retail and Shopping Centers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Industry
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Public Buildings
  • Sports Facilities and Cultural Institutions


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