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R-BSV Ultimate 24 OP

Battery-Assisted Central Power Supply System Optimized for Surgical Lighting


These BSV systems contain the mandatory signaling and monitoring devices, which are required by VDE 0558-507. They primarily consist of:

  • a charging and discharging device with I-U characteristic
  • A control unit and monitoring device
  • Output branch circuit with a switched-mode DC/DC converter
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Device housing and battery casing

The rectifier and the battery are connected in parallel with the load through the DC/DC converter. When the grid voltage is available, the rectifier supplies the load and keeps the battery fully charged with a constant voltage. If the load exceeds the rated current of the device, the battery will provide additional power. If a power outage occurs, the battery will provide an uninterrupted power supply for the surgical lighting. When the power is restored, the power supply provides the power while at the same time the battery will be recharged. The rated current of the device is limited to 100 % ±2 %. The differential current between the rated current and the load current flows into the battery. The load will be supplied by a switched-mode DC/DC converter with constant DC voltage.

Locations and Applications

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Medical care centers
  • Medical practices with operating rooms


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