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With over 130 years of experience, our mission is to care for the safety of man and nature with passion, innovation, and pioneering spirit.
Since our establishment in 1888, we have been developing customized solutions for safety power supply and safety lighting in the 4th generation. We offer a wide range of individual custom-made solutions from a single-source provider, including subsequent service and maintenance.

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Since 1888, we have been working on customized solutions in the field of safety lighting as well as safety power supply. We have built a strong portfolio with extensive experience, passion, and pioneering spirit.

Safety Power Supply

Power outages also occur in Germany. For some, it might be just a few seconds or minutes; for others, it can be life-threatening or may cause major damage. Safety power supply is a current source for security purposes. In the event of a power failure, we provide electrical equipment essential for health and safety of human beings, for the safety of livestock, and to prevent environmental damage. Since electrical energy in buildings with electrotechnical applications has increased, the safety power supply is of major importance.

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Safety Lighting

With our battery-powered systems, emergency signs as well as safety lights will ensure a safe exit from the building, and to avoid accidents after a power outage. They are a key factor in orientation of the building to make sure that even nonlocal people will find their way out of the building. The installation, maintenance, and condition of a safety lighting system are governed by a large number of rules and regulations that are interlinked by references. This concerns both lighting and electrotechnical issues.

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Connection Technology

Connection technology consists of a variety of technologies. We offer a wide range of high-quality clamps, sockets, and implementations which are used in the industry for test and laboratory equipment as well as for transformers and chokes. For this reason, we only use temperature-resistant insulating material, well adapted for up to 160° C for clamps with fiberglass-reinforced insulating material. The touch guard of the touch-proof clamps is designed according to the VDE regulations as well as IEC 664 and IEC 1010.

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Technical Advice and Service

We are the perfect partner for your project! With our wealth of experience, expertise and passion, we can design your safety lighting and safety power supply. We are at your disposal from idea to installation, as well as subsequent aftercare operations! With a Ruhstrat       end-to-end solution, we will supply a customized solution for any of your requirements. Our experts are in a position to support you with legal issues and changes. They are competent, fast, and solution-oriented – even beyond the installation of your system.

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For any public life and infrastructure environment it is essential to provide security should the surroundings require it. For this reason, any safety lighting and any power supply system must be designed according to the corresponding rules and regulations. We offer suitable, intelligent solutions for any environment to guarantee safety in an emergency.


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Please contact us! We are looking forward to advising you individually and providing skilled support on site in respect to your safety power supply and safety lighting. We are willing to offer an adequate solution to any of your requirements.