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Sentinel Dual High Power

4.0 VA - 10 kVa


The Sentinel Dual operates on the On-Line double conversion principle

The Sentinel Dual is the best solution to supply high availability loads and safety devices (electro-medical equipment), as it works on the On-Line double conversion principle that ensures the highest level of safety for critical loads. The flexibility of installation and use and the extensive communication options make Sentinel Dual a UPS suitable for many applications, from IT applications to security. The Sentinel Dual can be installed as a stand-alone unit or in a rack for network applications (the LED display can be rotated). The series is available with power ratings of 3.3-4 5-6-8-10 kVA, whose double conversion online technology (VFI) constantly supplies the load from the inverter, which generates a filtered and stabilized in voltage, shape and frequency sinusoidal voltage. In addition, the input and output filters significantly improve the noise immunity of the load from mains interference and transients. Technology and performance features: Choice of Economy Mode and Smart Active Mode. Diagnostics: LED display, RS232 and USB interfaces with PowerShield3 software and communication slot for connectable accessories.

Technical Data

4.0 - 10 kVA


Further information and data can be found in our flyers and data sheets.

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