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Safety light unit


RUSIC® 24 monitors and tests all connected emergency luminaires in accordance with the specifications of VDE 0108 and
DIN EN 62034. The necessary checks can be triggered automatically or manually, depending on the configuration.

Up to 160 emergency luminaires can be connected to one RUSIC® 24. The fault messages are stored so that there is no need to keep a manual test log in accordance with E DIN VDE 0108-100 – ATS type PERC (DIN EN 62034). Messages can be forwarded to a central control station via potential-free contacts or a web connection.

  • Low voltage installation with 230 V 50 Hz supply voltage
  • Automatic test system according to DIN EN 62034 – ATS type PERC
  • Automatic or manual triggering of the necessary tests – Function test/capacity test
  • Up to 160 luminaires (RSV24V DC R-LED system luminaires) can be connected per control panel
  • Expandable through external circuit and I/O modules
  • Supply of the lights by 24VDC safety extra-low voltage (SK III, SELV)
  • Mixed operation possible
  • When a fault occurs in a luminaire ‘ Display of the respective luminaire address and luminaire text on the clear display
  • A fault can be forwarded to a central control station via a potential-free contact or a web connection.
  • Monitoring of several plants in the network via different IP addresses and monitoring software (RCMS-24)

Locations and Applications

  • Health Care
  • Office and Residential Buildings
  • Hotels and Accommodations
  • Retail and Shopping Centers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Industry
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Public Buildings
  • Sports Facilities and Cultural Institutions


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