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Safety Power Supply

Power outages also occur in Germany. For some, it might be just a few seconds or minutes; for others, it can be life-threatening or may cause major damage. Safety power supply is a current source for security purposes. In the event of a power outages, we supply electrical equipment that is essential for the health and safety of people and the prevention of environmental damage. Since electrical energy in buildings with electrotechnical applications has increased, the safety power supply is of major importance.

Our Solutions

Battery-Powered Systems (BSV)

R-BSV Ultimate Combo
Battery powered central power supply system
R-BSV 230 V
Battery-powered central power supply system (BSV) for hospitals and medical care centers
R-BSV Ultimate 24 OP
Battery-powered central power supply system optimized for surgical lights

DC power supply

RUSIC® Ultimate GSV
DC power supply for stationary battery systems

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