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Multi Sentry

10 kVa - 120 kVa


Series Multi Sentry is the best possible protection for IT systems, telecommunication systems, IT networks and other critical systems whose function could be affected by poor quality of the network, which is associated with very high consequential costs. The Multi Sentry is available in 10-12 15-20 kVA models with single-phase output, which can be connected to either single-phase or three-phase networks, as well as models with 10-12-15-20-30-40-60-80-100-120 kVA and three-phase input and output, each with on-line double conversion technology according to classification VFI-SS-111, in compliance with standard IEC EN 62040-3.

The development and manufacture of the Multi Sentry is based on state-of-the-art technologies and components. They are controlled by DSP microprocessors in order to be able to guarantee maximum protection of the connected loads, minimum mains feedback and maximum energy saving. High flexibility allows full compatibility with both three-phase and single-phase power supply. At the same time, all critical conditions associated with the connection to networks are eliminated.

Technical Data

10 - 120 kVA


Further information and data can be found in our flyers and data sheets.

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