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Educational Facilities

In schools, universities, colleges, kindergartens and daycare centers, students and children must be able to evacuate the building quickly and in an orderly fashion to avoid accidents in an emergency Buildings with many floors usually have several stairways and spaces; however, there might be just a few or only one communal escape route. As emergency situations call for a large number of people to use escape routes and emergency exits simultaneously, they must be easily identifiable from any direction, in particular for children

We meet any applicable standards in respect of safety lighting according to the rules and regulations of educational facilities. In addition, we supply battery-powered systems as well as safety lighting devices such as RUSIC® Ultimate, the RUSIC® LPS or the RUSIC® 24 with matching safety lighting and emergency exit luminaire as a customized solution including consulting, planning, installation and, if requested, a maintenance contract.

Our Solutions

Safety Lighting and Escape Sign Luminaires

Monitoring of Single Battery Luminaires

Individual Project Planning and Consulting

Maintenance and Service Contract for your Equipment

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